Inception is an awesome and mind bending movie. If you want to watch it online for free then here are a few options (we checked these as recently as January 2020):

You see yellow button? That is how you start the free trial and watch Inception for completely free! Click the image to get started.

Just cancel before the trial is up and you don’t pay anything, simple. If you’re wanting to watch Inception for free and in high quality right now, then a free trial with Amazon Prime HBO is your best option. 


How else can you watch Inception online for free?

It is surprisingly hard to find places to watch Inception free online, but there are a few things you can try:


Netflix + VPN

Yep, you can use Netflix to watch Inception without paying – however you’ll need to set it to UK, and you’ll need to use a free VPN like ExpressVPN (30 days free here)


Hopefully the above information will help you find a good copy of Inception for free – it is an awesome film by Nolan (possibly his best) and you should enjoy watching it if you can!