KissAnime is nowhere near as good as it once was, which is unfortunate. I remember when it was one of my go-to sites for anything anime related, but now I look elsewhere if I want to watch anime. Here are the main reasons KissAnime is nowhere near as good as it was:

  • Too may ads make it difficult to use
  • Use of an adblocker results in a ban for several days (not just until you disable)

For me, this is a difficult one. Of course I don’t mind seeing ads on any site where I’m getting something for free, but if they block me from using the site then what am I supposed to do. Anyway, here are some other sites I’ve been using to watch anime stuff for free since KissAnime started annoying me:


Amazon Prime Video

You can watch around 500+ different anime shows for free on Amazon Prime Video, all you need to do is start the FunimationNow free trial for 7 days and you can watch as much anime for free in the 7 days as you want. You just cancel before the end of the trial and you won’t pay anything. I’ve done this a few times now through a few different accounts.


CrunchyRoll is one of the biggest anime sites in the world, and again you can start a 14 day free trial where you can watch as much anime as you want, then cancel without paying.