If you’re a Redditor and you’re interested in watching Deadpool 2 then you’re in luck – Reddit is full of information about where you can watch this badass film. Here are a few of the best ways to watch Deadpool 2 using Reddit:


/r/deadpool is a subreddit dedicated to all things deadpool. Quite often information is posted there about where you can find a Deadpool 2 stream (both legal and torrents). You can subscribe and be the first to see when a new Deadpool 2 stream has been posted.


/r/movies is less niche compared to /r/deadpool, but you will occasionally find links to places where you can watch films, and I’ve seen people link to Deadpool 2 streams.



LegalMovieStreaming is a subreddit which posts links to places where you can watch films for free, and it has a link to a place where you can watch Deadpool 2! This is why I love Reddit.