Best free movie streaming websites.

Free, Legal & Awesome - Updated 2019

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Why Legal Streaming?

People work hard to make the tv shows and movies we love. Streaming their content legally supports them. 

Luckily we can support them and we can watch all of their content for free by cleverly using the most popular streaming platforms in the world. Read below to see all of your options

Free VPN + Netflix Trial


Pay absolutely nothing and get access to every film across every region of Netflix. All you have to do is sign up to a free VPN service, then start a trial with Netflix. It takes 2 minutes and you’ll have a huge library of free films and tv shows to choose from. 

1. Sign up to a free VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN (30 days free here)

2. Head to Netflix, start the trial and get started watching every movie and tv show you can cram into 30 days

3. Cancel before the 30 days is up, and continue on with your life.  

 What films are available on Netflix for free right now?

Avengers Infinity War
Black Panther


Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial


Honestly, Amazon Prime might be the best place for streaming movies and tv shows, especially considering that you can get 30 days free and it is incredibly easy to get started and to cancel. Here’s all you need to do:

 1. Sign up for Amazon Prime Video 30 day trial here. 

2. Watch everything you can cram into 30 days.

3. Cancel before the 30 days is up, and continue on with your life. 

What movies can you watch for free with an Amazon Prime Video trial right now?

Deadpool 2
Game of thrones (Season 1 – 8)

Hulu + Free VPN


Hulu is a pretty awesome streaming service which is gradually growing in popularity as it has a huge selection of free tv shows and movies available to stream immediately. It is a paid service, however you can use it for free if you sign up to a 7 day free trial. We would also recommend the use of a VPN with Hulu just to be safe. To get started: 

1. Sign up to a free VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN (30 days free here)

2. Watch everything you can cram into the 7 day trial. 

3. Cancel before the 7 days is over, and carry on with your lovely life. 

What movies can you watch for free with Hulu right now?

Sorry To Bother You
Deadpool 2 
A Quiet Place




Philo is a pretty new name to the movie streaming game, but I’m already a big fan. It has a massive selection of movies and tv shows ready to watch on their platform, and my favorite thing about Philo is that you get 7 days completely free, and all you need to do is give them your phone number (that’s right – no credit card details, no Paypal details – nothing). Here is how you get started:

1. Head here –

2. Enter your phone number and watch everything you can cram into the 7 day trial. 

3. You don’t even need to remember to cancel with this one because they don’t have your payment details, so you can just wait for the 7 days to be over and can carry on with your life. 

What movies & tv shows can you watch for free with Philo right now?

Better Call Saul
Fear the Walking Dead






Reddit is an absolute goldmine for finding streams to watch numerous films and tv shows for free. We’ve rounded up some of the best subreddits for you to check out if you’re looking to stream legally:

1. /r/movies – the biggest movie subreddit, occasionally you’ll find links to streams here. 

2. /r/LegalMovieStreaming – the name explains it all really doesn’t it. 

3. /r/FullMoviesOnVimeo – again, the name says it all. This community very nicely upload full films onto Vimeo which you can watch for free. 

4. /r/FullMoviesOnYouTube – similar to the last subreddit, except it’s the more popular video streaming platform this time. 



Vumoo is one of those movie streaming websites that you feel so lucky to have stumbled across –  it literally has almost every movie that you could ever possibly want to stream, all full movies, all completely free! Not only does it have a huge selection of films, it also has a really attractive and simple design without any spammy pop-ups or unnecessary gateway pages which just waste your time! I’ve found movies on there which only came out in 2018 so it is definitely updated quite frequently which is great. 


The search bar at the top of the website makes it extremely simple to find what you’re looking for, and it’s no wonder that the site is one of the most popular movie streaming sites in the world currently. 


FMovies doesn’t quite have the same size of collection as Vumoo, however it still offers a huge amount of choice across a wide range of movie categories – everything from the latest superhero movies to comedies. I’ve used FMovies a few times over the past year and have found it to include a nice range of recently released movies, including movies that have been released in the last year. Give it a shot! 


PopcornFlix is probably one of the most popular free movie streaming websites in the world right now. If you take a look at forums like Reddit and Quora, they are full of people talking about how much they love this streaming site and how frequently they use it to watch their favorite films.  

Another huge draw of PopcornFlix is that it works extremely well on all sorts of devices – desktop, mobile and tablet will all work absolutely fine with this streaming site, so that is an extra bonus if you like to stream movies on the go! 


Putlocker is one of the oldest and most trusted movie streaming websites on the internet – and since inception, it has always remained 100% free. This is hugely helpful for anyone looking to find a consistently good and reliable movie streaming website, because they’ll always know that they can just head to Putlocker and get access to a good selection of movies. 

What I would say about Putlocker is that it probably doesn’t have the same size of selection as some of the other streaming sites we’ve included in this list – however, it is still a great place to head if you want to watch some free films in great quality.  


SolarMovie is like Putlocker in that it has been around for a long time, and is a very trusted movie streaming website. My favorite thing about this streaming website is that almost every movie uploaded to the platform is uploaded in high quality HD, so you’re almost guaranteed to get a good version of whatever movie you’re looking for. If you land on the site and you haven’t decided what movie you want to watch yet, you can watch some trailers on the site and decide then! 


123Movies is one of those free streaming sites that see popping up everywhere online, but that is because it is such an awesome place to watch movies and tv shows! What sets it apart from a lot of the sites in this list is that it isn’t just a collection of random movies and tv shows in any order – the films are all categorized very cleverly and this makes it extremely easy to find exactly what you are looking for, which is extremely helpful (and to be honest it’s even easier to use than other streaming sites like Netflix!)


CrunchyRoll is an anime streaming platform, and I’ve included it in this list because it is mostly movies and tv shows which are available on CrunchyRoll. There are actually a few ways to watch these movies for free through this platform – you could either head somewhere like Amazon Prime where you can have 7 days free on the platform for certain films, otherwise you can head to the CrunchyRoll website directly and start the trial there. Really simple to get watching! 


AZMovies might be a bit of a newcomer to the streaming game, however it has quickly established itself as one of the top players in this category. The sheer amount of movies that you can find on this website is really impressive, and the staff behind the website clearly work really hard to keep it all updated and make sure to have all of the latest films that have been released on there. I’ve even seen some 2019 movies on there which is very impressive! 


If I really don’t know what to watch, then I head to SnagFilms – it typically has lower budget, independent movies that you might not find anywhere else, and that’s what makes it so great for a browse (although be prepared to search up what every film is about in a different window as the chances are there will be plenty of movies you’ve never heard of before!) Maybe my favorite aspect of this streaming site is the name, ‘SnagFilms’ just sounds cool! 


5Movies is perhaps the fastest streaming website in this list – of course, speed will always depend on your set-up too, but generally speaking this is a fast site and movies can be loaded very quickly. The collection is not huge here, but the films that they do have are all generally films which have been released very recently, so there are some gems to be watched on this site. 


Quora is very similar to Reddit – it is a large open forum with literally millions of questions across thousands of topics being asked and answered every day. The reason it is great for finding free streaming sites is that streaming movies is one of the most popular topics on the website. If you want to find a good streaming site for a specific movie then I would look on Quora for the name of the movie and you’ll be met with a huge number of threads suggesting great streaming websites where you can watch the movie for free. 


Finn is a movie buff, and his favorite film is The Matrix. He has been writing for ATYNTK for over a year and loves that he gets to write about movies as often as he wants.