Cigarettes are getting more and more expensive, but despite this they’re only becoming more popular to buy online. This is because if you go into a store to get your cigarettes like most people do, you’ll pay too much, guaranteed. The best place to get cigarettes if you want the best price is 100% always online, especially if you buy in bulk. Here are the best places to get cigarettes online (updated for October 2018):

Amazon – Yep, there is a huge selection of cigarette products available on Amazon, with a wide variety of brands to choose from. You can order tobacco in bulk and save even more. Although you can’t buy a pack of cigarettes, you can buy everything to make them – papers, tobacco and filters. The best part of ordering from Amazon is that you often get free delivery, and if you’re using Prime then it is delivered very quickly.
Duty Free Depot – this site looks a little dodgy but you can’t argue with the sheer amount of choice on here. For example, check out these big cases.
Urvapin – Urvapin have a fairly decent selection of cigarettes and e-cigarettes here. We’ve bought from them a few times.
Blu – You can get a load of cigarette products from, which is one of the biggest online sellers of cigarette products. You can also find vape and e-cigarette products on here too. Shipping is pretty reasonable.
JR Cigars – JR cigars are a little more expensive, but they’re still a great company to buy from online. One of our personal favorites too.