Streaming movies and tv shows illegally sucks.


It sucks for you, because you’ll get a lower quality version of whatever it is you’re trying to watch.


But perhaps most importantly, it sucks for the people who worked on the film or tv show.


A huge amount of cast and crew members worked tirelessly to produce your favorite content, even if you don’t realize it. And yes, the stars of Hollywood might get paid huge amounts for their work, but the majority of the crew will be on modest wages, and will only continue to get work if the films and tv shows they’re working on make money.


That’s the crucial bit – make money.¬†If a company like Amazon or Hulu buys the rights to stream a film or tv show, then they make money. And the more people who sign up to services like Amazon or Hulu to watch the film or tv show, the more these large companies continue to buy the rights of movies and tv shows. Which is great for them.

So, that’s what we focus on. Sign up for the service, watch the film or tv show, then cancel. You get to watch your film or tv show, the companies¬†like Amazon and Hulu see people signing up to watch movies so they keep paying for rights to get new movies and tv shows on their platforms, supporting the cast and crew.¬†


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